This all makes a lot of sense

Starting from the point of a young child, I have consistently enjoyed good food. Maybe it was the odor of odors that sailed from the bedroom into the living room after our mom had whipped up something delicious, or the way chocolate melted on our tongue that caused our love to flourish; nonetheless, the love has since grown as well as extended itself! I’ve been fortunate to get a job that allows myself and others to taste as well as write about all our number one foods across the country. Which at often times is hard to do because there is really little I do not like; However, our largest food complaint would have to come from an area that really isn’t food-based at all but does reflect on the restaurant I was located in at the time. It was an enjoyably cool, fall morning as well as our next task was to taste a meal at a local restaurant, which was popularly known for its chili with lean meats as well as fresh beans. I walked in gleeful but I have to admit, our excitement dwindled a bit once I sat down as well as felt an uncomfortable heat in the air. The bedroom wasn’t near our table so I think the cooking flames couldn’t have caused it; nor was the oil furnace near our seat but somehow sweat seemed to accumulate around our forehead as well as back areas. All I could guess about was, “how am I about to eat hot chili when our body temperature alone could scramble eggs?” Guzzling water to stay hydrated took up almost all of our appetite. I couldn’t help but watch the breeze outside as well as looked forward to leaving already. Although the chili was yummy, it tasted 100 times better later that evening as our dinner leftover when I was resting at lake house in our cool bedroom. Note to restaurants, room temperature needs to be comfortable as well as cooler when serving a hot dish you’re known for!

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