This dust is brutal

    I am not cheerful with the gas heating system that I have installed in our, my wife and I, house.  The heating system was already built-in when I moved to my current apartment several years ago. I am suspicious that the heating system is nearly thirty years ancient and it’s not in a genuinely fantastic condition.  Whenever the heating system starts up, it makes a very unpleasant screeching sound. It then spews a ton of dust into the air spreading the smell of burnt lit. I suffer from a lot of headaches throughout the winter weeks as a result, and I totally blame the shoddy heating system.  Because the two of us deal with extreme cold temperatures for about 7 months per year, the heating system is essential. It seems to run all of the time, yet the house is often too cold. There are drafts, cold spots, and the temperature is downright hot up by the ceiling. If I were willing to sit up on a ladder, I could be nice and warm.  With our feet planted on the ice cold floors, we are forced to bundle up in thick socks and heavy sweaters. The heating system is costing my wife and I a fortune every week in energy bills. I am convinced that it is wasting energy, and it is not at all efficient. I should genuinely invest in a whole new, current and more energy efficient, heating system.  I’ve looked into the heating units on the market and they offer all sorts of innovative features. There are furnaces which achieve up to 98% AFUE, supply zone control, effectively filter the air, and connect to smart temperature controls. Although I think it would significantly trim our weekly expenses with a current heating system, I can’t afford the purchase and installation price.  I’d need to take out a loan and make payments, and I am reluctant to do this. At this point, I’m trying to save up enough cash to pay for the current heating system outright.

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