This filter barely works

I enjoy the Summertime here on the east coast of the US… Especially being right here by the beach, it can be a real great time of year as the day goes into the evening. Really the best thing I genuinely enjoy is going down to the beach around 11pm with my guy. The two of us sit out on the beach by the ocean waves as they crash down. The two of us take in the great, beachy air quality–it smells and feels so appealing. It’s a little bit warm, but not so moderate that it’s major heat in your face like a gas furnace blowing.  It’s just right! After we’ve sat for about an hour or so, my guy and I go back to our house. When he and I walk in, I have the temperature control set at a relaxed 71 degrees. It’s about the same temperature outside, but the air from the heating and cooling system is different… Something about the feel of it, as well as the odor. Especially since I have both an air purification system as well as a whole beach house humidifier. The way the heating and cooling system feels on your skin when you walk in from being on the beach–it’s just a wonderful feeling. I’ve never had any problems with my heating and air conditioning system the whole 5 years I’ve owned this beach house so far, but fingers crossed it never breaks down anytime soon. I did hear the price of an heating and air conditioning supplier nowadays is getting a lot higher than it used to be. And sincerely, I don’t want to pay the cash if I don’t have to! Enjoying my heating and cooling system with my guy is great; Right after our beach relaxation, even more so!

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