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Every church I feel has to deal with having a strict financial budget; The congregation genuinely doesn’t grasp all that goes into running a church. The costs can be phenomenal from marketing campaigns to repair! Everything is about cash, sadly, lots of Church leaders seems to be struggling here, all they want to do is bring people in yearly, preach plus do charity deeds. But, instead they are worrying about energy efficiency plus cost effectiveness of their heating plus cooling system, in truth, they do have to make sure they have a running Heating plus Air Conditioning plan at all times, then who wants to go rest in a church for services up to an hour long, if it’s environment is unstable. Not me, i suffer from allergies and  irritations, as well; So, a poorly maintained Heating plus Air Conditioning plan makes for one angry service. I feel I am not alone in that, too. The church is consistently having one fundraiser after another. Everyone is so exhausted of being asked for cash; Recently, the pastor got up plus explained the entire process to the congregation… He told them how the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan needed official repair, air filter changing plus air duct cleaning plus other services that seemed costly and not financially sustainable. He felt that if they understood a bit more, they would help out or at least be a little more understanding. It worked charmingly, that a local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider volunteered his services for the Church. It proves, honesty is indeed the best policy. The next week, certain congregation members brought in his team of Heating plus Air Conditioning workers. They did a full work up on the entire heating plus cooling system. It was running so pure once they were done!

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