This is honestly the way to be

I am to a point where all I want to do is rid myself of all of my clutter and move into a smaller home.  When we were young, and raising our children, we both had to work. LIfe was always a challenge for us. We needed a lot of space for the people in our house, and we needed a lot of stuff.  We all accumulated different things. We had clothing and furniture, and our stuff. We also needed a place to put our stuff. Nothing we had was high quality or built to last very long, but it was ours and it was what we could afford.  We didn’t have a lot of money, but had enough to make sure the family had what they needed. Now that my family is grown and out of the house, and I am a single woman, I have bought a much smaller home. I have only taken with me the things of importance.  I have the linens my husband and I scrimped and saved for. I have the china and the pottery that he lovingly saved for. The thing I need most in my new home is cabinetry. I need to have a good hut for my china. I am also looking for a small sideboard for my linens and the silver serving set that I inherited.  I want to make sure that I have cabinetry and casegoods that will serve to protect my belongings and will also look good in my home. I know that if I hire a custom furniture design studio to make these small items for me, they not only be beautiful, but they will fit perfectly into the smaller spaces that I have in my new home.

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