This is just what we want

There is nothing quite like the joy of owning a home that functions well for your family’s lifestyle. When I got married recently, later in life, to a man who has been single for twenty years, I moved into his home; the house is beautiful in its way, but it is masculine throughout. The library consists of dark hardwood shelving and furniture. The fabrics are heavy and dark. The chairs are large with leather and metal studs. It is not at all the type of place I want to sit and read over the day’s news and sip my morning java. The dining room is similar. DArk, heavy, large table and sturdy chairs. The bedroom, too, screams, “A man lives here.” Now that our lives have been joined, it is time to transform our home into a space that suits us both and represents us as a couple. My new husband and I are trading in the dark, heave, giant four-poster bed for something that is lighter, airier, a touch more feminine and calming. That sounds great, right? The problem is, I have no idea how to go about that. Since I have no interior design skills, I am seeking the advice of a custom furnishings company. The fine custom furnishings team has all the help I need. They design and build custom furniture on-site. They have interior design services to help me not only dream about my space, but show me how to create it. Through the use of fine fabrics, colors, textures and creatively-crafted furniture, my new husband and I will soon have the master bedroom that will be our retreat and shelter from the world beyond.

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