This summer was so hot

I live in the northern region of the country and it is very important to have your heating unit checked in the fall before the winter hits.  We have blizzards every year and the last thing you want is your heater going out in the middle of a blizzard. Sometimes it is so bad that the HVAC technicians can’t even get out to your house if the roads are too icy.  One winter I made the mistake of not having my HVAC system checked out in the fall and it broke in the middle of a snowstorm. I went without the furnace for three days. My husband and kids thought they were going to freeze to death.  By the time the HVAC technicians got there the snowstorm was passing and the temperatures were beginning to warm up. That was the first and last time I forgot to have the HVAC provider not come through for maintenance. It also ended up costing us more money to get it fixed than had we had maintenance done in the fall.  There were more problems with the heater after it was working extra hard through the storm before breaking down. My husband said that if we would have gone one more day without a heater he was going to walk to a hotel and stay there. I now remind my friends and family every year in the fall to call the HVAC provider. I do not want anyone to go without a heating system the way we did. I have never felt so cold.  Even space heaters did not bring us any comfort.

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