We are not worried about the heat wave

I am a rather humble guy because my parents come from humble means! My Mom grew up on a farm, in a house so outdated it predates the constitution. Growing up as a kid, my Mom would tell me lots of funny stories about her childhood, including 1 about a animal who would husk then eat corn from the field. When my siblings and I lost power growing up in the south, my Mom would tell me stories about losing power in a farmhouse in new england.  I grew up in a house in the 80s, and I was forever fascinated by this antiquated farm house. When I would ask her how old the house was, she would tell me that it was technically older than this country. The house my mother plus her 3 brothers grew up in was built before the Constitution was even written. Their house was so outdated that it had a central fireplace–the fireplace is at the center of the home plus has hearths on both stories in two rooms… So with 1 chimney, the house heats many floors plus rooms. Their fireplace was great when the power went out during a bad winter storm, because they could live off just the fireplace! Even separate from the furnace, the house heated just fine with only the fireplace because it was designed to. The fireplace was also big enough to cook in. It had a sort of cut out in 1 side of the chimney near the kitchen which acted as an oven. These days I have to rely on a camp stove if I lose power, however I dream of a old house such as the 1 my Mom lived in, where I can cook and stay warm even during a harsh winter storm.

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