We can all feel the temperature of the room

Living in a small house can be challenging at times. My spouse in addition to I travel the US helping with building projects all over the country. We’ve helped hundreds of individuals build their dream homes in addition to churches build modern facilities. One of the things that many people may not realize is the challenge of living in a fourth wheel year round. Because all of us travel all over the States, all of us are regularly having to deal with modern problems that arise. Thankfully, the a/c in our camper works very well, in addition to don’t usually have any problems with keeping the camper cool enough during warmer times of the year. The real challenge for us comes with the colder weather conditions. In order to keep the camper overheated enough during the Winter time weeks, all of us have to have electric gas furnaces running 24/7 in addition to the furnace that is in the camper. If all of us travel through very frigid areas, all of us usually have to insulate the camper even more than usual. The coldest part of the camper is regularly the home office. There is a doorway that separates the home office from the living in addition to living room area, in addition to all of us usually have to keep it closed so that all of us can keep the living part in addition to living room overheated enough. The people I was with and I found out that a lot of the heat escapes from the window in addition to door in the home office, even after all of us insulated them. With that said, I don’t do a lot of cooking during the wintertime because it’s just too frigid in the home office for me to be able to work in it. Although living in a small frigid space is tough, for us, it’s worth it to be able to help those in need.

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