We don’t want to be ripped off

The other day was a truly incredible day. It was the birth of my first born, which the two of us named him Christopher.  Well, it was a crazy day I do say. When all of us were waiting in that hospital, it seemed as though it was forever. What bothered me the very most was the air conditioning in the room was just blasting. I asked the nurses many times to please adjust their temperature control.  They said they would however they never did, but finally a single nurse began telling me they were not allowed to adjust the temperature control settings, which really seemed absolutely crazy to me. How were they about to have my pregnant wife in a room about to give birth on the verge of freezing to death? Not to mention my child didn’t have to come into the world feeling incredibly cold.  After a long while of complaining to all these nurses, eventually I pushed through to the main boss and he agreed to let us adjust the temperature settings in our own room. It was about time and it actually shouldn’t have been all that taxing to allow us to make a self-explanatory adjustment to our room temperature. I remember a single one of the nurses was trying to explain it was company policy to prevent germs from spreading. I know I could understand that for certain sections of the hospital, but not for labor as well as delivery! Do these people actually mean to freeze all the new born babies as well as the parents? I know deep down either those nurses just enjoyed their actually working air conditioning or that they simply enjoyed making people feel miserable. I will not be going back to this hospital again.

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