We’re happy about the heater

I have constantly wanted zone control heating & cooling in our car, but our spouse finds it unnecessary…basically she is cheap.  For years now I have been asking & making up arguments that support our fight to get zone control heating & cooling in our house. There have been times when I thought she would cave, however she never did.  I would get so frustrated with him over this! Well, that has changed a little within this last year. Yes I still want our zone control heating in our house, however I now do have it in our current car!! That’s right our current car has zone control heating & cooling!  I was so ecstatic when I discovered this feature. The back of our car where our daughter sits has its own set of temperature control settings, & this is very our preferred feature because now I can have the front of the car to a temperature I care about while she can have a single she enjoys so I don’t have to hear any whining.  In the front of the car both the driver’s side & the passengers side have their own set of temperature control settings too! So on the rare option our spouse is in our car the two of us each can have our own temperature control settings too! Having this feature in our car has saved so many arguments & disagreement on the the temperature settings.  Whoever thought about putting zone control heating & cooling in cars is really our hero! After our spouse has experienced the joys of zone control she is even now starting to waiver on getting zone control for the house too!

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