We’re managing the heat

My fiance is a natural handyman & enjoys doing DIY projects.  We knew that our home needed some remodeling & repairs when we first purchased it, this was absolutely part of its appeal to us. My fiance got busy with some important projects when we first moved in. The carpet in the family room was old with a pink carpet. This was the first thing to go. Underneath the carpet was some surprisingly nice hardwood floors that needed sanding & some scrubbing.  Once he completed this task we moved our attention down to the basement. We needed our home to be the hub where all of our son’s buddies hung out so we needed a fun recreational hang out. The basement was the right size for teenagers to hang out amongst each other except that it did not have any reasonable cool air flow. We found a simple & cost effective solution with the Ductless mini chop systems. The ductless program is also easier to install than most traditional systems on the market.  The hook-up between the outdoor & indoor units usually requires only a multiple-inch hole through a wall for the conduit. Since mini splits do not use air ducts, they avoid the energy losses with duct labor of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 25% of energy loss for space conditioning. Considering the other cooling system options, mini splits provides more flexibility for our needs. We decided to hang the indoor air handlers from the ceiling to supply more space for the kids, but they can be mounted as well, even hung on a wall.  Our house is now the cool house to hang out in the cul de sac.

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