We’re working off a unique type of schedule

Working in the back at of a store has its upsides and its pitfalls. While periodically it’s a good time, it can also be a drag depending on the time of year! It’s like this, I work at a major retailer, and I’m not much of a people person to be honest. I am actually good at faking it, but after long minutes helping people out while trying to get my work down, I just get tired out. I come from that and have to just relax for a few minutes before I have the energy to do any work. So I told my boss to give me some minutes in the backroom to help balance me out. This way, I don’t need to set my schedule for less afternoons at work in order to stay somewhat mentally balanced. They listened, however not until the Wintertide season. I was stoked to get away from the holiday crowds, however the backroom is bitterly cold. The store only warms up the floor. The back has no heating or air conditioning at all. We laugh that eventually something is going to explode back here from the cold, however and you can’t wear any gloves, since the devices every one of us use are touch screen. If I have a long enough shift in places with no Heating and AC unit. I will go to the freezer and take some of their jumpsuits. It looks similar to a snow suit from our outdoor section. I always look stupid in it, but I don’t know any other way to stay warm without any central heating system. We had a space furnace once, however the store manager said it wasn’t safe and confiscated it. At least I can listen to tunes and move around to stay warm!

AC equipment