What a fun time

I live in the deep south where I was born & raised. Being from the deep south, the a single thing us superb old kids think about other than hauling & selling cattle is our heating & cooling systems! Here in the south, it gets pretty darn hot most of the year, the time of the year where it gets honestly sizzling in the summertime weeks no doubt, but that does not stop the heat while I was in the fall & Spring weeks either. This is why us old guys consistently have our brand new, & top quality, harshly current heating & cooling systems installed in our homes. Before the days of the top of the line heating & cooling units, both of us only had window air conditioners. These were a real pain in the butt to put in. They were particularly heavy & crazy hard to try to place into the wall, but one time, I even broke a single because it fell right through the hole of the window! The dang window was too sizable for it! This is when I was so ecstatic when Heating & Air Conditioning technology came up with the idea of central heating & cooling! And of course you can bet & think it, that I was the first in line to purchase & have installed our particularly own brand new, top of the line, pretty expensive & current heating & cooling plan in our home! There was a lot of currency saving up to get, but gosh dang it, this old boy did it! And was so ecstatic I did! Never had anything better ever before.

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