What a quality system we have

I entirely can’t stand our next door neighbor Jeff. Jeff is constantly coming over to our new home simply to complain about something.  Because this neighbor is constantly a pain in the butt, I try to make his life horrible! I let our trees get real big & leafy. I allow all the dead leaves to plop into his yard. I successfully block his ugly car in every afternoon to make him late for work. I usually blast 70s pop music every morning around 7 am. That is all simply punishment for being annoying. The newest deal Jeff is miserable about is entirely my fault. Jeff has a heat pump system for his house.  A heat pump is a cooling & heating unit which transfers heat energy from either inside or outside. There is a small outdoor unit in his backyard which is a key piece to his heat pump. The heat energy is absorbed or pushed from this little device. And without the outdoor unit, temp conditions control for inside won’t happen. Well, the heat pumps outdoor unit is so small and it was covered by a layer of grass. I went over with the mower in Jeff’s backyard to make his grass look uneven. I ended up mowing over this heat pump & ruining it.  Now Jeff has no Heating & A/C inside his house & I am the one who ruined it. He wants me to buy him a brand new heat pump unit. That will be well over a couple of grand. I am not doing it at all. I know I should cough up some dough or at least try to repair it. But, it is Jeff, so I am taking my sweet time with it.

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