A change of home decor

II walked into a friend’s house the other day, and I was totally surprised to see the new furniture she had bought. I was used to her laid back style. She had comfortable recliners that were slightly worn, but you felt at home when you sat down to relax. Her new partner didn’t like the decor, and she had thrown out all of the comfortable items in the room and replaced it with her own sense of style. I have always loved the easy living feel of Sharon’s room, but now I felt a bit out of place. I felt like I shouldn’t be in jeans, and that I should have a whisk broom to brush my clothing and maybe a static mat to remove all dust and dirt from my shoes. I was tempted to remove my shoes, even before I entered the house. I looked into the living room, where I spent hours with my friend, and cried over our lost loves, laughed about the absurdities of life, and drank bottles of wine while we just kicked ourselves for our stupidity. I hadn’t met her partner yet, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to after seeing how unapproachable her furniture was. Sharon told me it was called Transitional Masterpiece, but I was afraid to sit in it. The Transitional Masterpiece looked almost too perfect to be comfortable. I was told to sit down and relax as I gingerly sat down. Although I wanted to toss the pillow on the floor, the chair was actually quite comfortable. I’m not sure I would want this interior design style, but it wasn’t bad.

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