A gas furnace is what I need

The other week my work managers conducted a weird exercise meeting. It was basically a meeting where they asked us to get to know our co-workers more. Apparently corporate is going through a process in which they are experimenting and looking for more revenue boosting procedures. Someone suggested that if the co-workers got along and knew each other more, it would boost office morale and ultimately increase the quality and quantity of work. Basically, if the work environment was a fun environment where everyone would keyword “Want” to come in it would create more profit for the business. In the process of this exercise I found out that my desk mate that sits across from me has a hobby and interest in HVAC. He told me that he loves looking into air ducts and filters for regular cleans and changes. I, jokingly, asked if he wanted to come over and take a look at my system and he actually said yes. He came over the following week and scrubbed and cleaned my air ducts. It was shocking and funny at the same time. I just did not expect him to actually come over to my house and do that as a favor for me. I needed to actually clean my ducts anyway and he saved me a small fortune from my HVAC supplier. Who knew that this corporate exercise program would benefit me outside of work. My new buddy also informed me that if I ever have problems regarding HVAC to give him a call. He also said that he would be back to clean the ducts in about 6 months.

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