A heating unit

I love my apartment!  Everything about it is perfect! It’s in a splendid location, easy access to public transportation, the neighborhood is always safe, there is a great deal family-oriented feelings that surrounds the environment, and it has the best food in the entire city. The only thing I don’t love about our place is the cooling unit. If I do not have the cooling machine blasted, our house gets humid quickly. When I have the AC turned all the way up, I begin to freeze. The cooling machine is located right at the foot of my bed, so it’s difficult for me to sleep comfortably when I’m chilly cold. If I wake up and turn it off in the middle of the night, or even turn it down just a bit, I wake up again in sweats.


I am struggling to find an ecstatic average. My neighbor has a weird type of cooling unit. However she does not have a singular air conditioner in her home. Rather, she has central cooling throughout the apartment, and her entire house is kept at one temperature at all times. I am not sure why the landlord chose to have weird cooling systems in apartments on the same floor within the same building. Additionally, the heating machine poses the same problem. The heat also comes out of the same machine that the chilled air comes out of. Therefore, when I have the heat blasting, it blows directly on me while I’m asleep. When it is time to resign from my lease next year, I am going to request a weird apartment. It is just not worth losing sleep over.

brian and sons