A lot of things are wrong

After spending my life living in rentals and apartments, I am finally getting my own house. I’m not just buying someone else’s house, either, which to me isn’t that different from renting, because someone else used to live there. I am building my own cabin, just outside of town, that will be 100% mine and everything I have ever wanted. I am working closely on the design plans, and will be involved every step of the way to make sure it’s all done the right way. I have a lot of particular demands I want from this place, not the smallest of which is the central HVAC system. One of my biggest complains about my rental homes has always been the inefficient air conditioning systems. I tend to run my A/C a lot, sometimes I keep it running for days on end, so I want a place that will help maximize and trap the cooling. You may not know that most of your cooling goes right out the window, literally. Inefficient windows, seals, and poor amounts of insulation in the walls allow your air conditioning to literally seep out into the world beyond. Keeping your AC running constantly is the easiest way to keep your house cold.  I want to make sure my place is designed to trap the cooling air inside and let as little of it escape as possible. I think that if the design is right I will be able to run my air conditioning system a lot less than I do now, and still have cheaper energy bills.

cooling unit