A newer water heater

My parents were really smart when they were younger.  They invested in some small cabins on the shoreline of the lake in our area.  The cabins were a bit run down when they bought them however they saw the potential for future income & remodeled them, one by one, over the years. As a teenager I resented the fact that our weekends were spent helping out with repairs or yard work however now, as I recently inherited the property, I am blissful that they are there.  It is a superb source of income & for the most part they are service free. This too, is thanks for our parents wise investment. They converted all of the cabins over to programmable Heating, Ventilation, & A/C units about five years ago. This saves cash in multiple ways, i don’t live close to the property so being able to monitor the systems from our house laptop is seriously helpful.  If one of the cabins is rented out, I can log on & have the temperature set perfectly for our guests arrival. Once they check out, I can go back on & turn the method on or off separate from having to have a service person on place to do that. All I have to hire out for is yard work & cleaning for the most part as I travel there a few times a year to do any repairs that are needed. Having a programmable Heating, Ventilation, & A/C method is perfect for anyone who has properties such as this for sure. It also saves a big amount of cash in utility bills because our guests don’t have the ability to waste energy heating or cooling the units to excess.