A very high quality chair

From the time my siblings and I were toddlers until just recently, my Dad kept the same ugly recliner.  The recliner had to be at least thirty years old, and showed it. The cushions were flat and threadbare, with frayed edges, tears and tons of stains.   My siblings and I continually urged my father to buy a new recliner, but he could never find anything he liked. He insisted that new furniture is constructed of sub par materials, overpriced and generic looking.  Plus, his study is oddly sized and needs a specific size to fit within the space. He didn’t want a stuffed chair; none of us could find anything which was met with his approval. After listening to my father tell us repeatedly about his requirements for a recliner, my siblings and I were able to put the task with a custom furniture designer.  It was actually interesting and detailed process. The recliner was genuinely built in-house, which provided us a say in the dimensions, style, fabric and detailing. Custom built furniture is quite a bit more extravagant than an item purchased at a department store. There’s also a lengthy wait for the item to be constructed. Fortunately, my siblings and I shared the expense and all of us were able to get the recliner in time for Christmas.  The custom furniture shop was extremely helpful. My siblings and I got my father out of the house, and the furniture shop delivered the recliner and set it up while all of us were gone. They even put a gigantic red ribbon on the current recliner and hauled the old recliner away. It was a fantastic surprise for my father: he was positively tickled. The recliner is obviously well made and of superior quality, and makes the rest of the furniture look outdated and shabby.  We now are saving up to order a matching desk chair for Father’s day.

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