Am I the only guy who is comfortable?

I was watching a murder mystery show the other day and it said that the killer turned down the air conditioning really low to prevent the body from decomposing and smelling. I don’t want to off anyone, but I sure wish I had air conditioning that was that powerful. My current A/C is not up to snuff. I’m lucky if I can get it to 72 degrees. The temperature inside is more like the temperature outside, no matter what I turn my thermostat to. The dream of being able to set my temperature controller to super low levels really intrigues me. I think it is time to have an HVAC worker come out and take a look at my system to diagnose it and if anything can be done. Hopefully, it just needs a tune-up or a good cleaning. I’m sure it doesn’t cost too much to get my A/C working really well. I am one of those individuals who is always hot but I shouldn’t be. If I could keep my house at about 65 degrees year round I would enjoy that. I guess I’ve just been idle about my air conditioning issues and should have called sooner. Oh well, better late than never, I say. I think I didn’t really believe that there were home air conditioners that worked that good. I assumed it was only industrial ones that did. It could be that the tv show went overboard a bit too or maybe that murder house had an industrial A/C unit. At any rate, I will find out when the HVAC company gets here. It’s unusual that a show about a murder makes me want to improve my air conditioning, isn’t it?

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