Cleaning the air vents

When I was a kid, I had really bad allergies. All year round, my allergies were at an all time high. I wasn’t allergic to anything specific. My doctors always called them seasonal allergies. I didn’t understand how that could be possible, especially because my allergies weren’t just in one season. Regardless, I took allergy medication daily and pushed through. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized my allergies were a product of my environment. When I moved into a new apartment, my allergies got worse. I decided to consult my landlord. He sent over an HVAC specialist to check things out. The HVAC specialist informed me that the vents in my apartment were very filthy and needed to be cleaned. He cleaned out the vents and filters and found that they were covered in dust and debris. It took him only a few hours. The next day, I dusted and cleaned the apartment from ceiling to floor. After a few days, I felt my allergies subside. I wasn’t sneezing all morning and my eyes weren’t itchy. I was confused. I did some research online and found that many people stated their allergies got better after cleaning out their vents and filters. I couldn’t believe that such a simple solution made such a huge difference. When I asked my parents if they ever heard of this option, they said they hadn’t. I wish they did; it would have made my childhood allergies much more bearable! All that matters now is that my allergies have gotten much better. I can finally breathe with ease.