Cooling down in our sleep

Both of us honestly love working from our home, because it’s nice to sit around at the desk and be able to stare at the falling leaves outside. A long time ago, both of us told our parents that Charming Leaf colors showed there is beauty even in a quick death. Around Here, the Fall colors seem to end too quickly, and winter arrives with a brutal fist. Winter season can honestly be quite harsh. You honestly never really recognize if the outdoor temperatures will be mild or terribly cold. The rapidly increasing and decreasing temperatures often give us days of tremendous snow and temperatures around zero. Last December, there was an unquestionably small amount of snow. It didn’t stop the weather from giving us freezing rain every single day for a week. The afternoon temperatures were about 40 degrees, so we still had to use the furnace everyday. The heat pump and oil furnace honestly got a work out, and we were using the heat pump several hours out of the day. Some friends have talked about upgrading to a geothermal heating plan, but this does not seem like the type of solution that would be viable for an ancient home. Geothermal heating and A/C would be fancy and terribly expensive. At this point, it makes better Financial sense for both of us to keep the heat pump and A/C equipment that is already installed in our winter cabin. It would be difficult to get any currency back, if we decided to make such a huge upgrade in the future.