Depending on my heater

My parents were really smart when they were younger.  They invested in some small cabins on the shoreline of the lake in our area.  The cabins were a bit run down when they purchased them but they saw the potential for future income and remodeled them, one by one, over the years. As a teenager I resented the fact that my weekends were spent helping out with repairs or yard work but now, as I recently inherited the property, I am glad that they are there.  It is a great source of income and for the most part they are maintenance free. This too, is thanks for my parents wise investment. They converted all of the cabins over to programmable HVAC units about five years ago. This saves money in many ways. I don’t live close to the property so being able to monitor the systems from my home computer is extremely helpful.  If one of the cabins is rented out, I can log on and have the temperature set perfectly for our guests arrival. Once they check out, I can go back on and turn the system on or off without having to have a maintenance person on site to do that. All I have to hire out for is yard work and cleaning for the most part as I travel there a few times a year to do any repairs that are needed. Having a programmable HVAC system is perfect for anyone who has properties such as this for sure. It also saves a huge amount of money in energy bills because our guests don’t have the ability to waste energy heating or cooling the units to excess.

AC unit