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We’re going camping this weekend. we’re coming up on the end of a long, hot summer, and it’s the first time this year that the weather is going to cooperate with some cooler temperatures outside. i’m getting pretty excited for fall, but fall can also be kind of confusing when it comes to your HVAC system! You never think if you’re going to be using your oil furnace or your air conditioner on any given day. And, you might find that you might need to use your furnace in the afternoon when the temperatures are colder and then use your A/C while during the temperature gets higher! I’ve found that when the we go camping, the two of us have the same problem. I’m actually hoping for some nice, cool weather, even though I don’t want it to be cold enough that we do not have to run the camper’s gas furnace. I do not like using propane gas to power the heating unit on the camper, but I’m not sure if  we are going to have electrical hookup or not at the campground that we are going to. At least I’m pretty sure that the two of us won’t have to use the air conditioner this weekend, but the camper has a pretty good little A/C in it. It was factory installed and the camper cools off pretty quickly once you turn the thermostat down. It does suck the power when you run it, though, so I’m hoping that the cool weather follows us to the campground this weekend! Hopefully the weather will be perfect and we can camp without using the furnace or the A/C at all!

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