Grinding noises

When I was a kid, I had awful flu-like symptoms due to allergies. All year round, my symptoms were constantly in full effect! I wasn’t allergic to anything particular, yet my doctors consistently called them seasonal allergies. I didn’t understand how that could be possible! My symptoms weren’t only flaring up in one season of the year. Anyway, I took medication for it and did my best to push through it. It wasn’t until I was older, when I realized my symptoms were a product of my environment! See, when I moved into a new apartment on my own, the symptoms got even worse! I decided to consult my property manager, who sent over a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C specialist to check things out. The Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C specialist informed me that the vents in my home were undoubtedly filthy, and needed to be cleaned out. He cleaned out the vents and filters, quickly finding they were covered in dust and other debris that made my symptoms so intense. It took him a few hours to clean them thoroughly, but I could start sensing a difference. The next day, I dusted and cleaned the home from floor to ceiling and after a few days, I felt my symptoms subside entirely! I wasn’t sneezing half as often, nor were my eyes itching and watering. Apparently, multiple people stated their allergy symptoms got better after cleaning out their vents as well as filters – and the home in general. Such a easy solution, all to make such a crucial difference in quality of life. When I asked my parents if they ever heard of this option, they said they hadn’t – I wish they did! Maybe my childhood wouldn’t have been full of doctor visits.

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