I am happy with my heater

I hate household chores more than just about anything I can think of. It sounds like I’m lazy, but I’m really not. And I certainly know how to clean the various rooms in the house, so that’s not the reason either. Frankly, I just wish I could hire a maid to handle all the house cleaning. Aside from vacuuming the carpet, most other cleaning chores are like hearing the scratching of nails on a chalkboard! That seems ironic to me, since using the vacuum is the loudest cleaning chore to be done. Now, there is a cleaning procedure that I really take very seriously – professional cleaning of my air ducts. Yes, once it’s done there isn’t nearly as much furniture dusting that needs to be done. But the real reason that I want the air ducts cleaned is that I have pretty nasty allergies to dust and mold. They are so bad that whenever I have to dust the house, I have to put on a face mask just to keep myself from coughing up a lung, as well as sneezing endlessly. Rather than just take care of the dust on the furniture, I think it makes more sense to treat the problem itself by hiring a professional HVAC contractor to clean the heating and air conditioner ducts from the inside out. Every six months or so, I schedule the HVAC contractor to come by our home to thoroughly clean and service the Heating and A/C system. After opening up various registers and units to perform the cleaning and maintenance work, the guy will use a shop vacuum along with several brushing tools to sweep out the air ducts throughout the house. It’s incredible how much debris builds up in the ducts of your home, even if you change the air filter every month! I like how clean and fresh the air quality in our home becomes after a professional cleans and services the system. Otherwise, it would be a challenge to live within my own home if it meant living with poor air quality.

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