I am including an air conditioner in my plan

I was looking into more than 2 careers at the unemployment office when something caught our attention.  I work construction most of our life plus I was looking for a change because I wanted something that was a year-round position instead of seasonal. There was a posting on the board for a modern school that had opened up across town that specialize in training Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealers. The school had a tuition assistance program which was wonderful because I was currently laid off as it was Winter time. The course completion time was about a year plus I figured I could get much of it out of the way during our downtime plus hopefully finish it in less than that. I contacted the school plus signed up for the classes which started just a month away. About halfway through the Winter I realized how lucrative a career as an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation could be plus I was excited to start this modern adventure. There were more than 2 occasions for internships as well so I could get Hands-On training while still in school. I never realized before how specialized of a field this actually was plus how quickly the technology was decreasing from year to year. All of us had to learn about traditional systems plus the modern tabletized programmable a singles as well in order to find the best task possible when the two of us finished school. One of our teachers was actually wonderful plus directed myself and others towards a single of the newer companies in town because he knew that I actually had an interest in installing plus repairing the programmable units instead of the old-fashioned a singles. I know that I will be ecstatic in our modern career option plus also in the fact that I can work a steady amount of sixths year-round! Being an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation plus be a demanding task however it also offers more than 2 occasions that I am looking forward to.