I can’t believe the stories

My husband and I recently moved into a current house. Our current new home was really built in the late seventies. Very little has been done to the property in the last decades or so. The roof, living room, powder room, electric lines and plumbing are all original and in excruciating shape. All of the windows need to be upgraded and there is insufficient insulation in the walls. When the outside temperature drops, we can guess an abundance of drafts coming inside. During the spring and summer, we get lots of pollen, dust, exhaust fumes and bugs coming into the house. It is nearly impossible to achieve a comfortable temperature let alone keep afloat with the bi-weekly energy bill. While we’d much rather start with some remodeling of the living room and powder rooms, we need to concentrate on the heating and cooling issue. There is an outdated heat pump installed outside in the far backyard. The location is very odd and unsafe. It is situated right beside the patio, and is extremely loud and appalling.  Since the heat pump impacts our year round comfort and is costing us a fortune in electric bills, replacing it is a must. Both of us have consulted with a local Heating & A/C contractor and the estimate for the project was way more extravagant than we expected. We’ve included the cost of a current heat pump, moving the unit to a better location, and the whole process of getting it installed. Plus, the wiring in the current home is unsafe and we’re hoping to upgrade the whole electrical system at the same time. I’m expecting the bi-weekly energy savings to help reclaim the investment and keep the bill down.

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