I caught up with everyone

I had been desperately seeking a job for some time now, as I lost my old one about a month ago. My savings had been spent, and unemployment benefits were nowhere near sufficient – even for the short term. Hunger and homelessness were in the near future, which was scaring the daylights out of me! It’s not that no jobs at all were available, but my search for employment had one requirement which could not be compromised: I needed a workspace with superb temperature control.

       I suffer from dust sensitivities, which is why I was compelled to leave the last job. Bad air quality there had me always sneezing and coughing, and due to the bad functioning of the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, there was never any relief. From what I heard, that A/C unit was installed long ago, before some of the younger staff members were even born! There had been several requests to management for an update to the old Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, but none of them were taken into consideration. The air conditioning service techs came by fairly regularly to repair it, but that has absolutely no effect on the air it produces! I felt the company was just banging its head against a wall.

      So there I was, checking out every business, but with no suitable job in sight. All the companies and stores were either too hot, too cold, or had no Heating, Ventilation, or Air Conditioning plan at all. I was ready to take whatever job I could get by then, regardless of the absence of climate control! That’s when the perfect solution turned up. I was given the option to work from home! My home isn’t perfect or even that tolerable, but it does have an efficient Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system.

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