I did get pretty excited

What’s one thing all little girls want to be when they grow up? A ballerina, yes! Well, my little girl was no exception, that was her dream for the longest time when she was younger. A few years later, she decided she wanted to be a baker for a living and make cupcakes. That phase passed and she went onto wanted to be a veterinarian. This phased hung around for quite some time, but now that she’s grown up a bit, she is thinking about a new path to venture down. Her main deciding factor is that she doesn’t want to accumulate a slew of debt by attending college as well as medical school. So, with that being said, she has been looking at trade schools instead, such as being an HVAC technician. She was still a little uneasy about the decision because she would be the only girl in class, but she pushed through that thought and is now enrolled in Heating, Cooling and Ventilation 101 – she starts this fall! Turns out I’m very thrilled for her and think she is going to enjoy this new adventure she is on – she may enjoy it so much that she opens up her own HVAC business! Bonus for me, I will have an HVAC professional on call at all times now!