I don’t even want to look at my HVAC unit

Some days are very boring, plus all I can do is manage to stare from the window. Right now it happens to be the fall months, plus everything is losing its leaves to the ground. All of my friends plus myself love being able to look at the falling leaves, plus they are usually a pretty Hue of red, orange, yellow + green colors. Outside of my brick building, there are numerous Maple plus oak trees. They provide a great deal of shade during the summer, but they riddle our ground with leaves during the fall + spring months. All of my friends suggested taking the tree down, but I think we are actually saving money on the cooling program by keeping it there. The large oak tree provides a great deal of shade to our roof, plus during the summer that is very important. With temperatures around 90 or 100 degrees every day, it’s a nice break for the cooling program to have the house shaded. The tall oak tree riddles our ground with leaves, but during the winter and summer seasons it’s almost like our best friend. Oh my friends plus myself love this type of seasonal weather, plus there are numerous activities that are only fun during the fall months. For now, the heating program in our home is waiting on an update. The heating program has been making strange sounds, plus the heating program has been running sluggishly. We don’t have any other alternatives to heat our place, so we have to make sure that the heating program is not broken.

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