I don’t know what I should do

I never understand why I get punished for attempting to do the right thing.  This paradigm seems to be completely opposite to the way things should work. Doing the right thing takes multiple forms for sure.  There are as multiple unconscious good actions as there are conscious ones. I suppose all of us all have some sort of innate meter inside us to help determine good choices.  But, still things can go horribly wrong. I suppose this all too well. I attempt to do the best I can but still end up on the wrong side of consequences. Recently, I attempted to do the right thing with our Heating plus Air Conditioning system.  The gas furnace just shut down one day so, I took a look at it. Perhaps, I should have called the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals instantly. But, I figured if there was something obviously wrong I might be able to maintenance it. Just as I was about to abandon our efforts, I came across a valve switch.  It was obviously disfigured so, I decided to replace it. Went right to the computer plus found a replacement space in 5 seconds. When the space got to our house, I put it in instantly. Lo plus behold, the gas furnace fired right up. Fast forward 2 weeks to our gas furnace conking out again. This time it went out with a literal bang.  Once I saw the gas furnace smoking, I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech. Turns out the replacement valve switch was certainly faulty. It allowed the heat exchanger to get so hot it cracked. That effectively finishes the gas furnace. The worst space is the replacement space was non OEM so it voided the warranty on the gas furnace.  I try to do the right thing by fixing our Heating plus Air Conditioning. And now, I have to replace our gas furnace? It’s just not right.

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