I had a good time

I knew things would be especially difficult, when I started working at the police station. I was the first female officer in our Town’s existence. I always knew that I needed to be a police officer, and even when I was a little girl, I did not dream of princesses & fairies. I dreamed of catching the bad guy & participating in automobile chases… When I was 10, I told my folks that I was going to grow up & be a cop. I went into the military, & served our country for roughly 6 years. While in the military, I served my post as a member of the military police. I figured this would impress my fellow officers, however they only saw a lady in a uniform… During the first week, I got stuck with an outdated, dilapidated police cruiser… Two of the tires were totally bald, & the A/C appliance did not work. I did not want to complain about anything, because I knew they would blame me for being a lady. I took the cruiser back to my condo that night, & asked my guy if he could look at the A/C appliance. Even though the tires were entirely bald, the A/C appliance was my first priority. It was 94 degrees outside, & I am forced to wear a bulletproof vest & heavy uniform. Luckily, my guy absolutely fixed the concern with the A/C appliance blower… At least I could have chilly A/C during the course of the day, and my first few weeks at the precinct were honestly difficult. I took a lot of flack from those guys, however they eventually were able to trust me.