I have a brand new furnace

My wife and I have lived in a rental house for the last ten years.  Growing up, I never lived in a home, but my family always rented apartments.  I wanted to buy a home of my own, as soon as we could. I didn’t want to buy a home that someone had already lived in.  There was a part of me that equated this to living in someone else’s home and it felt like I was renting. I had to have a brand new home designed and built just for me.  I planned on being in on every step of the design and the building. My wife and I ordered brand new furniture and appliances so we knew that no one else had ever used them.  I helped with the planning of everything in the house. I wanted a log cabin that was spacious and I wanted to have enough insulation so that i could keep all of the air conditioning inside and the heat out.  I planned where the air vents would go, so we could place the furniture where it wouldn’t interfere with the air conditioning. I love keeping my thermostat down low in the summer. If I planned right, and had the right insulation, I would be able to put the thermostat up higher and enjoy more cooling.  I would also be able to save on my energy bills. I am so excited to have my home and my new HVAC system. The house should be done by summer, and I’ll experience the kind of AC I have always dreamed of.