I know I need a new air conditioner

My cousin Diane recently bought a Summer beach home down south, as she wanted a little Summer beach home so she could visit her kids & meā€¦ My cousin Diane never does anything small, however. She ended up purchasing a several bedroom & numerous restroom home. The home is way too immense for one person, then what really upsets myself and her relatives is that my cousin bought a bed for each room too. There is no possible way she will need several rooms all with beds! I assume my cousin should have set all the rooms up with a specific theme. One could be a room for painting, and another room could be a excercise room. What about making one room just a giant closest? Anything would be an improvement over wasting currency on beds. Also, my cousin Diane, instead of having central Heating and A/C, could have gotten ductless Heating & A/C. If she would have gotten a ductless mini break in each separate room, not every room in the whole home would need regular heating & cooling. The large closet room would need no Heating or A/C ever. The exercise room would only need to be air conditioned for a few hours. The room for painting could only have heating on when she was using it. With every one of the rooms being a bedroom & hooked to central Heating & A/C, the sizable home has to be one set centralized temperature, making her Heating & A/C bill very sizable. Some zone control & strategic planning could have saved him a lot of currency. She could be quite comfortable in her first floor of the home & barely spend any currency. Also setting the thermostat up or down a few clicks would not be such a worrisome deal.

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