I need a furnace

Something happened while my town went through this last storm.  Things are unusual in my farm house. The storm that came through the area contained particularly strong, sustained winds.  My little old home creaked plus groaned loudly but stayed together, for the most part. I lost some shingles. The attic vent was ripped off, but I found it two or three hundred yards away.  Yet, that is not what has me troubled. I am now seeing bugs in our farm house. And, I am seeing them coming out of the HVAC vents as well. The visual of a bunch of crawling critters rolling through my ductwork plus the HVAC components is keeping me up during the evenings.  Instead of be afraid, I got proactive. The structure was absolutely shook hard by the storm. So, I started with sealing any and all cracks anywhere I found them. Paying special attention to the attic, I sealed the entire attic floor around the perimeter. I re-sealed all the vents up there as well.  Next, I went outside plus tore out all the weeds and sod around the HVAC condenser unit. I used some paving stones to create a 3 foot buffer zone around the condenser in order to deprive them of another point of entry. Finally, I installed a few mesh screens over all the vents from my home to the inside.  I’m going to see how this all works out. If I have to have a duct cleaning crew come out, so be it. My air ducts are particularly in need of a thorough cleaning anyway. I simply can’t allow bugs to get into my HVAC idea plus then spread through my farm house. I do not like using poisonous extermination chemicals; I want to avoid that if at all possible.  Hopefully, my efforts will result in no more bugs entering my HVAC system.

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