I need a new part

My Dogs appreciate to be outside, even when the temperatures have taken a turn for the worst, and the freezing season usually isn’t that sizable of a deal. That frozen ground causes wet earth to be a non-issue, as well as I posses some great Winter season clothes as well as boots, so usually I can still take the pets out for a hike or walk, but when Spring shows up, but, the situation changes! Suddenly, mud is entirely everywhere, it’s pouring constantly, as well as it’s also quite freezing out. My pets still want the daily walk as well as outside time, although it’s so much more tedious for me; It’s a lot of effort to make sure they remain clean. We have tried finding different ways to satisfy their exercise habits at home, within the comfort of that dry, warm house.My husband and I got a professional pet trainer to train my dogs to run on this treadmill. I figure they would still be able to stretch those legs, although I can sit in peace in the Heating as well as A/C method. It cost so much cash for it. When all had been said as well as done, they remained wanting their outside time. It hadn’t mattered that they weren’t exhausted, they still desired to go out, after that, I pretty much gave up trying to teach them to stay inside… Now we just deal with the mud as well as let them do their thing. Whenever our weather is totally bad, though, I still make them get on the treadmill, as well as I happily am in peace in my nice Heating as well as A/C heated dwelling while those pet’s run. It at least takes some edge off, as well as does not require myself and others to forego our A/C as well as heating.