I need heating

My best friend Megan recently got dumped and needed a locale to stay. I provided our beach house to her and now I regret it. Megan comes with a pet. Her pet is big, loud, and sheds hair all over the locale. The pet sheds in several colors too. Brown, black and white hair is all over our home now. Not only is this disgusting, however it is ruining our Heating and A/C equipment. First, Meghan does not want her pet to be left in a home with no Heating and A/C. So while her and I are at work, I have to leave the Heating and A/C on from the pet. I can’t save any currency now. Next, the pet’s hair gets sucked up into the Heating and A/C unit. I used to change our air filters once a week. Now with the pet, I have to do a bi-weekly a/c filter change. If I don’t do this, the Heating and A/C will for sure overheat with the hair inside of it, however also, the hair gets into our ductwork. The hair then flows through the Heating and A/C ducts and gets released in every room of the house. It seems dirty and an allergy sufferer’s nightmare. I particularly care about our friend Megan, but I dislike her pet. Between the longer Heating and A/C hours, or air filters and ductwork being destruction, I can’t last much longer… Eventually Megan will need to cough up some currency, kick out the pet or find a new locale to live. I don’t want to be mean, however how much more am I supposed to take? The hair is horrible.

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