I took very good care of the heater

My hubby Trent is a legitimately tough worker. He prefers to stay busy, even when it’s legitimately sizzling outside in the summertime. Since he works outside in the extreme hot and cold temperatures, Trent thinks that having a high quality Heating, Ventilation and A/C system at home is super pressing. He constantly talks about how since he’s outside all afternoon in the sizzling sun with no cooling system, he expects for the cooling system at home to be absolutely perfect when he arrives at the apartment after a tough afternoon’s work. I can’t legitimately say that I blame him! I believe if I had to job outside in the heat all afternoon, I would legitimately be looking forward to a apartment with a well-regulated temperature and a thermostat set to exactly the location where I wanted it! Trent makes fun of me, though, since I job in an office building that seems to be chilly frigid all the time. He says that both of us have opposite complications, since in my building, I’m constantly chilly and looking for a warm sunny spot to sit in. I absolutely had to take an electric space gas furnace into my office to sit under my desk because they keep the cooling system cranked up so high in there that I’m never comfortable! I love walking outside into the sun and feeling the warmth soak into my air conditioned body! Trent, but, prefers to come and visit me at job just so he can cool off for a little while before he goes back to job in what he calls the “outdoor furnace.”