I want to look at the thermostat

When you take the giant step of moving in with someone, you really  just never think how it’s all going to work out in the end. I recently experienced this with my boyfriend, Tony. Tony and I have been dating for three years, and he recently asked me if I wanted to move in together. I was pretty happy, since I’d been wanting to take the next step in our relationship.  We decided that he would move in with me since my home was bigger. The next thing I knew, all of his stuff was in my house, and he was trying to take over the thermostat in my house. I know that this sounds insane, but I had spent a long time on my digital programmable thermostat, getting the HVAC schedules set exactly the way that I wanted them. So when Tony came in and started fiddling around with the thermostat and the heating and cooling for the home, it really ticked me off! He was constantly complaining about the air conditioning system being too loud, and that the A/C made the family room too cold, and that the air ducts were too close to the bed. He also complained about the temperature of the house being too hot sometimes, and he would turn the gas furnace down so far that it never even kicked on when it was supposed to. I ended up kicking Tony out and breaking up with him! I never would have thought that our relationship would end this way, but thank goodness the we never got married! Our divorce papers would have cited “irreconcilable HVAC differences.”

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