I was fine with the problem

My clever husband and I fight about nearly everything.  But both of us haven’t even been married honestly all that long.  Plus we both have honestly very strong personalities, and I attribute our problems to this fact. I thought nearly everything would be just smooth sailing after our ceremony. I wore the most perfect dress, and we got married in the most beautiful church, plus we obtained our dream home. It was supposed to be all holiday from there on. All the taxing stuff was over, right? Yesterday day he and I quarrelled over calling an HVAC worker. I mentioned it might be a sound idea to have someone come take a look at our system. I knew already it was a newer model, because when we purchased the house, this was one of the main selling points. I also knew we had no idea when the last point it had been inspected by a professional.  Both of us are entirely going to need the HVAC proposal soon as the weather has begun to get wintery. It was just the littlest thing, but somehow it blew up into this huge fight. He said it just wasn’t the right time to dole out the money. HVAC workers were costly. I replied it would be significantly less costly than having to call an HVAC worker for an emergency call in the middle of some Winter night because our HVAC component had a problem. Both of us went like this back and forth for twenty minutes over the stupid HVAC proposal and neither of us would even budge. To be continued I guess. Both of us just always suppose we’re right, plus nothing the other one says can change this unless somehow we’re proven to be wrong. In this case, I suppose it could be stupid to wait until the HVAC proposal simply breaks down just to prove the point I was right.

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