I was focused on the service

I had been out of job for far too long now, seeking a job as my life truly depended on it. All my savings had been spent while my unemployment benefits were non-existent. I was very hungry, and on the verge of being homeless. It was scaring the daylights out of me! It’s not that no jobs at all were available, but my job search had a single requirement which could not be compromised! It’s not ridiculous that I needed a workspace with good temperature control.

       I suffer from dust irritations like no other, and was compelled to leave my last job because of the bad air quality there. While at work, I was sneezing plus coughing all the time, all due to the poor Heating and Air Conditioning system. I remember hearing rumors that the A/C unit was installed long before the younger staff members were even born! There had been many verbal and written requests for management to replace the seasoned Heating and Air Conditioning proposal with a new one, but nothing has changed! The real insult is how the A/C serviceman comes by to repair it every few months, even though there’s nothing to repair. It was like beating a dead horse!

      Despite pounding the pavement for months with no suitable place of employment in sight, I was getting worried. All the companies or stores were either too hot, too cold, or had no Heating plus Air Conditioning at all! I was ready to take whatever job I could get, regardless of the temperature control setup. Thankfully the perfect solution turned up, as I was provided an opportunity to work from home! My home is not the best, but the Heating and Air Conditioning system is far better than what we had at my last job. Problem solved!

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