I’m making sure I’m still ready

My husband Dale eats, sleeps, and breathes hockey.  He can never seem to have enough of it. When hockey season starts, our family turns into hockey fans solely to keep him happy.  Dale and I always watch away games together and even invite our friends family over. The two of us usually throw a small celebration for these games.  Every time there is a game played locally, Dale and I are there with the kids in our fan gear eager to start rooting for our team. Dale and I have been season ticket holders for several years now.  I was not a fan of hockey before I met him. However, I fell in love with the sport for his sake. Even our first date was at a hockey game. Ever since that day, I knew that I had to begin to share his hockey obsession.  I actually love the games all on my own now. It is an unquestionably fast-paced sport that keeps you enraptured throughout the entire time the players are on the ice. The only thing I wish would change is the temperature of the arena.  Since hockey is played on an ice rink, the arena is kept at a colder temperature to keep the ice nice and solid to skate on. It makes perfect sense, but it keeps the fans’ section cold as well. I am almost always shivering to the point of getting sore at every game.  Our youngsters openly complain about the temperature too. I try to make sure the family is dressed in clothing that will battle the cold, but it can be hard to remember when it is hot and summery outside. I’ve gotten better every hockey season with remembering to dress the family in warmer clothing.  I much prefer seeing games from the comfort of our own home where the temperature is under my control, but I push through home games for Dale.

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