Installing the newest system

Road trips are the best, and each year, a few of my university buddies and I pile into an SUV and hit the road searching for memories. The people I was with and I have traversed the United States from ME to Los Angeles looking for a great food, fun things I like to do doing, and nice sites to stay. The people I was with and I have a rule that every one of us try, if possible, to avoid staying in any chain hotels or formulaic resorts. As such, every one of us have stayed in hostels, motels, bed and brunches and even a few monasteries. This last summer season, but, every one of us learned a pricey lesson about travelling in the heat: make sure your lodging has air conditioning, then living in the 21st century, I tend to take air conditioning for granted and I am not in the habit of checking whether my potential accommodations will have an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. This proved to be a pricey oversight. The people I was with and I chose a particular bed and brunch because of its rustic architecture and off-the-grid feel, but never did every one of us expect it would lack a cooling system. When every one of us arrived every one of us hastily discovered that summer season time in the South can be just as agitated inside as it is outside, our rooms were actually rustic; it was enjoy every one of us had gone back to the 1920’s. They were boiling and muggy without a thermostat to be found. Our only way of cooling off was to open the windows and hope for a cross breeze. While every one of us did get an occasional breeze, the open windows ensured that every one of us were pestered by mosquitos throughout the night. The people I was with and I got so  fatigued of perspiring and slapping away mosquitos that every one of us ended up packing up our stuff at midnight and moving to a hotel with a central cooling system. A great cooling system can make or chop a road trip. Lesson learned.

heat and AC