Make sure that air keeps moving

Cooking can be both an art as well as a science, which makes for an unusual vibe around this house, because while in the day I cook to make a living working at a restaurant down the road.  But at night, when I have some free time, I also like to cook! I just cook all sorts of unusual things. I get more experimental with my recipes, so one day I can go to culinary school. But in the meantime I keep slinging eggs as well as bacon at the little restaurant, as well as pushing myself in my home kitchen.  But I live in a very small apartment, which does not contain a big or expensive kitchen, as well as unfortunately has a easily weak central Heating as well as the A/C system. To those who don’t actually cook, you may not realize how totally crucial it is to have good Heating as well as an A/C plan in your kitchen. Regulation of these temperature controls are easily crucial to how the food ends up looking as well as tasting even a few seconds after it is served.  Also, the air circulation as well as filtration can either keep your kitchen stinking like fresh food, or make it stink funky with awful indoor air quality levels. Because my place is so small, it doesn’t even have a range so I had to invest in a portable AC component as well as an air filter. I can put it in the kitchen right next to me, as well as it works for cooling myself and others off, as well as keeping the air quality quite fresh. I have even started toting the little AC component into work with me, to place under the grill so I can keep cooling myself and others off throughout my long as well as scorching shift.