Maybe we should cut back on the bills

Plan difficult and fight simple, is what our mom always used to tell me. She once said she l acquired that expression from one of her wise fellow soldiers while fighting overseas, but that it applies intensely to every single thing you can do in life. It took myself and others only a few years to certainly grasp what she was saying, but then it all eventually finally took root. A test is simple if you studied hard, running a full marathon is simple if you trained hard, and so on. As I was first having our house constructed, I kept the expression in mind, by planning each and everything out, right down to every window pane and air duct, I will make residing there in this space much easier after the fact, but right away I realized that the final details of the architectural print were wrong if I wanted to maximize the eventual efficiency of our heating and cooling system. Having so many windows facing east and west would let a lot more sunshine in while the two of us were still there in the day, but also cause a lot of extra heating to build up. That eventually would mean the AC would have to run more often in order to keep our whole locale cooled off, so I switched some of those windows to facing the far north or south. I also made sure to get extra insulation positioned in our walls and ceiling, to help trap the cooling air inside the whole house. All of these little things will add up to an Heating & A/C system that also does not have to labor as hard, and also will bring myself and others far smaller energy bills. I’ve also done a ton of research ready to go on Heating & A/C systems.

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