SEER ratings on the air conditioner

I spent my entire adult life living in apartments and rental home.  I couldn’t wait to buy a home of my own. I know it sound odd, but I was insistent on building a brand new home.  I thought that buying a home someone had lived in, was too much like renting someone’s home and I felt weird about that.  This home that I am building will be all mine. I am helping to design the home. I am putting brand new furnishings in the house and all of the appliances will be mine and mine alone.  I am even looking at the different HVAC systems that I can put in my home. I am anxious to lay out the floor plan so I can see where my air vents are going to go so I can plan where to put my furniture.  I love the idea of getting a new HVAC system. I can pick out the size and even the SEER for the AC. Everything is going to be top of the line and it will have the highest amount of energy efficiency that I can get.  I love having my home really cool. I have often turned on the AC and left it running for weeks at a time. I was told that if I put in the right amount of insulation to keep the air conditioning inside and the heat outside, that I will be able to set my thermostat higher and feel more cool than I ever did in any of the rental units, all while saving money on my energy bills.

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