Servicing the heating and air

What’s the worst that could happen? That’s a sentence I’m sure most of us have heard far too often in our lives, and it’s always followed by a terrible mistake. I still remember being sixteen years old, and being goaded into “borrowing” our dad’s hot rod for a spin while he was out of town. “Come on”, my friends said, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Well, after I ran our dad’s 1950’s hot rod into a telephone pole, I abruptly learned what the worst possible scenario was going to be. Even now as an adult, I’ll hear about family members risking their lives for the sake of saving money. Just the other day, I went to visit my sibling at his house where he was hosting a barbecue! When I arrived and went into his backyard, I saw that my sibling’s outdoor A/C equipment was entirely caked in dirt and leaves! I asked what gives with the filthy A/C unit, and he said he’d just trimmed the tree branches and didn’t get around to cleaning up the debris. “It’s just leaves – what’s the worst that could happen?” Life can be poetically just occasionally. As the outdoor A/C equipment turned on and seemed to get louder with each second it ran. Within an hour, the equipment began to smoke from the inside! I’ve never seen my brother run so fast to turn the power to his house off. That’s why you’re supposed to keep the outdoor A/C equipment clean and several feet from bushes and other obstructions – unless you prefer having your equipment catch fire. I guess he learned his lesson after that experience. He had a heating and A/C repair specialist at his house the next day to look over the damage.

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